While we are professionals in a fairly common field of metaphysics, our job is not only to provide authentic insight to clients for their piece of mind, it is also to repair, restore and balance their energy while providing information and awareness.  We do not define our service as “psychic” or “mediumistic” because we view it a bit differently.  While we may be able to peek into the future and alternative pathways, as well as communicate with another dimension utilizing special tools that increase our insight, we do realize that a person’s energy field already contains all the information needed to bring about wholeness and well being, knowledge and communication capabilities with other dimensions.  We simply have the ability to reach in, connect with that information and present it to the client.
Each division of our work is another perspective or specialty for interacting with a client’s energy field and/or other individuals who may be a part of that individual’s energetic family.  Yes, we all move through time and dimensions with an energetic family.  You will learn how that happens.
One of our fundamental goals is to teach others how to  understand the concept of energy and its multitudes of frequencies.  Awareness and understanding are the best tools for removing fear.
We will assist you in accomplishing your goal and offer our wealth of experience to restore balance to your life and environment.  It is up to you to work with us in achieving that goal.  It cannot be accomplished without your support and cooperation.  Once there, you will feel forever changed and life will take on a new direction.