We acknowledge that we do not live in a one, two or three dimensional world but a multi-dimensional world.  In so doing, we must seek to explore and understand the energy in those other dimensions.
One of our fundamental goals is to teach others how to better understand the concept of energy and its multitudes of frequencies.  Fear of the unknown is akin to walking into a dark room.  The room is dark and you feel afraid until a light is turned on, then you can see and the fear is gone.  We believe that the more aware people become, and the greater the understanding, the less fear they will experience.

When we speak of the concept of energy, here are some basic facts to remember: 

  1. The concept of energy is widespread in all sciences

  2. Energy Transforms.

  3. Energy has no time and no space. It just is.

  4. Everything that is, has energy.

  5. Each manifestation of energy has a frequency.

  6. Each of us is an energetic being.

  7. When we leave this world, we are still energetic beings…transformed.

  8. We return to this world with that same energy….transformed once more…to a life with a non-linear dimensionality. 

Another important fact to remember is that your energy automatically interacts, responds and reacts with all the other energy around you (while that energy is likewise reciprocating).  It then becomes clear that in order to live in harmony, we need to keep our own personal energy balanced. We then work with our immediate surroundings to promote balance and harmony wherever we may be so that our collective consciousness (manifested from the whole energy) will reflect that which we seek ~ balance and ultimately peace.

This task can be enormously daunting, especially when life seems so unbalanced and we lose our direction.  That is why our mission includes a relentless effort to restore balance to those who are lost…in this world and in the next.

We simply work with energy, regardless of its source, to balance those frequencies with our own and your own.   We cannot guarantee that balance can always be achieved due to the many variables of each given situation.  What we can guarantee is that we will assist you in arriving at your goal, and offer our wealth of experience to restore balance to your life and your environment.  In some cases of interference from other dimensions where energy forms are confused, misplaced or angry, we can guide those souls from their present state to a better world, with love.